In 2006, Integral Ballroom was asked to develop a curriculum which provides students the opportunity to train as DanceSport Athletes for 9 weeks and then experience and participate in a DanceSport competition. The program continues to be a huge success and has grown in demand. The following schools have and/or continue to participate in this program.

  • Gateway School District
  • Franklin Regional
  • Penn Trafford
  • Local Private Schools

With competitive DanceSport on the horizon and currently very successful at the collegiate level, Integral Ballroom has developed a DanceSport for 6th Grade program that allows students the opportunity to actually participate in a DanceSport Competition.  In doing so, students will experience:

  • Discipline & Teamwork
  • Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Improved Social Skills
  • Proper Etiquette
  • Respect for Themselves and Others
  • Improvement in Coordination and Balance
  • Creativity and Self-Expression
  • Exercises for the Mind & Body
  • The Fun & Excitement of a DanceSport Competition
  • Formal Luncheon


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