previous-yearsWhat is DWC (Dancing with the Celebrities)?DWC is a ballroom dance company for Pittsburgh-area dancers who are looking to study choreography, technique and/or perform.

Who can join DWC?
Any experienced dancer residing in the Pittsburgh area and over the age of 18 may join.  You should have experience in taking dance lessons and/or performance experience in the styles of dance you wish to participate in as well as an interest in increasing your dancing skills.  You must already know how to dance to participate in the dance company.

What styles of dance will be studied?
All partner dances.

When will the first session start?
On Wednesday, January 6, 2016 we will be having an informal, informational, no-oblication meeting at 7 PM at Integral Ballroom .

Where and when will the weekly sessions be held?
Sessions will be held at Integral Ballroom. Wednesdays beginning January 6, 2016. Exact time will be determined by the group. Sessions will be 1.5 hours weeklt.

What will we be studying?
Participants will be exposed to advanced choreography. The dancers will pick apart the layers of the choreography and study the information together.

Will I be required to participate in the DWC events?

Absolutely not. When events are booked, dancers will be given the opportunity to volunteer as celebrity partners but will not be required to do so. Other volunteer opportunities will also be available such as scrutineers, deck captains, photographers and so on.

If I choose to participate, will I get to choose the dance I perform?
Yes and no. Each DWC event will require that several dances be represented. The decision is on a first come first serve basis. If you have a dance in mind, present it quickly for a better chance to be given the opportunity.

Where and when do you perform?
Each event is different. All information will be presented to the group before you volunteer to participate.

Who do you perform for?
Our audience will be the friends and family members of the celebrity dancers. All proceeds will benefit local charities.

How much does it cost to participate?  What am I paying for?

DWC does not believe you should have to pay an exorbitant amount of money just to do what you love! The cost for participating in this program will assist Integral Ballroom with the costs of renting the facility. There is NO REGISTRATION FEE.  Dancers are asked to pay a flat fee of $40 per month for 11 months (January-November). Your fee also includes:

  • Unlimited practices in dance studio (practicing only the information we are studying- and only during open hours-sorry if you take lessons elsewhere, you need to practice that choreography elsewhere or pay the practice fee of $20/hour per couple).
  • Photos of the events you participate in
  • Videos of the events on our website
  • Performance opportunities in and around the Pittsburgh area in addition to the DWC events.
  • Stipends for participating in DWC events

Are there any other fees?
Other costs include paying for a costume for your dances.

Do you have any other events aside from rehearsals?
YES! Integral Ballroom has other opportunities to perform for various events. You will not be asked to participate as “Integral Ballroom” students, but as members of the DWC Dance Company.

Is DWC competitive?
NO! We pride ourselves on fostering a fun and inviting atmosphere for our dancers. While we always strive for technical skill and excellence in classes and rehearsals – the point of DWC is not who can do the most lifts or the fanciest footwork, it is about sharing our mutual love and passion for dance with each other and we recognize that the best way to improve is to learn from each other.

Contact us by phone or email and attend one of our sessions. Session dates and times can be found online. Your first session is always free