Dancing is for Everybody! You can do it, too!

Looking for a new, healthy activity? Preparing for a wedding? We offer group and private dance instruction for adults, seniors and children. This is not your typical dance studio. Sharing our passion and dedication, we provide Pittsburgh with a unique, interpersonal experience. Each new step, move or dance, enables our students to develop their skills together and have great fun along the way. If you’re a beginner, we’ll help you find your feet. If you already dance and want to sharpen your skills, we’ll show you how to take it to the next level. Or if you’re just looking for a break from your daily routine and a fun, energetic workout for you or your group, Integral Ballroom is the place for you.

About Beginner Lessons

The foundation of partner dancing is connection. Our four week Beginner Sampler class enables students to learn to move more fluidly together using the basic steps to ten different dances. Are you ready to dance? Then CLICK HERE to sign up for our Beginner Sampler Class.

About Intermediate Lessons

For students who enjoyed the beginner class and want to continue to taking lessons, our Intermediate Class is for you. This four week class is unique in that the focus is on just one dance for an entire month. CLICK HERE to sign up for the Intermediate Class.

About Private Lessons

Whether you are the bride and groom, the parents of the happy couple, or the bridal party, our private lessons help you achieve your wedding dance goal with clear gentle direction. Private lessons can be scheduled for individuals, couples, or groups. CLICK HERE to sign up for private lessons.

About Line Dancing

No partner? No problem. Join us for line dance classes. All dances are taught and danced to a variety of music. So whether you love country or pop, oldies or top ten, this class will get you on the dance floor and keep you smiling. CLICK HERE to sign up for Line Dancing.